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Webinar Replay: AMNOG impact on European countries?!

Mar 14, 2022


HTA is a common basis for drug reimbursement in Europe since many years. UK’s NICE has had an impact on many country pathways early on. The last “big” country following that route was Germany, 10 years ago with their AMNOG process.

  • How was the AMNOG changing the environment in Europe, if at all?
  • Was it rather a joint “perfect storm” together with other strong HTA agencies such as NICE, HAS, and AIFA?
  • Where were the potential impacts happening?

Dr. Stefan Walzer discussed this issue together with country experts across Europe.

What was it about ? Was there any impact by the German AMNOG on other pricing and reimbursement systems?

The discussants, Mariangela Prada, Vincent Chéney, Paul Craddy, Stefan Dr. Walzer and Max Brosa, agreed that maybe the quality of clinical trials have been improved as the German G-BA was now another big player for such requests such as the French HAS and the UK NICE. Additionally, the current reform discussions on earlier access in France and the new innovation frame in Italy might have been a result of the German pathway. In anyway, the German price is still dictating most prices across Europe through International Reference pricing and the big open item is still. How will the joint EU HTA have an impact on national P&R submissions and negotiations.