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Distribution of the positive added medical benefit according to the early access status and the potential public health interest – analysis of the French HTA body opinions (HAS transparency committee)

"In France, the Temporary Authorization for Use (Early access program, EAP) allows patients to be treated by drugs that may not have received a marketing authorization..."

Comparative analysis of the transparency committee opinions concerning the added medical benefit levels depending on the therapeutic areas: distribution of innovation and trend assessment for 2016-2021

"In France, for each indication of a drug that has a positive reimbursement decision (suffi cient medical benefi t), the Transparency Committee (TC) of the HAS..."

Digital health: Where Do We Stand From a Market Access Perspective in the EU-4 and the UK?

"To assess the market access and pricing processes for digital health applications EU-4 (France, Germany, Italy and Spain) + UK and determine the key decision making criteria..."

Innovation Value Framework Evidence from EU-4 and UK

"The assessment of health technologies is a key tool used in the decision-making process in health policies. The innovation assessment and clinical benefit is a complex discipline for which different methodologies are adopted at the national level..."